What are my ultimate tips for doing up your living room

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I originally purchased and set up this website thinking i’d make it a blog about hairless, but as I mentioned in the first introductory post, i promised i’d be writing an occasional article about one of my most treasured hobbies, which is interior design.

Well you may be annoyed to hear, that in fact my first piece is going to be about this subject. ‘What?’ I hear you scoff. I’m sorry but that’s how it’s going to be. This isn’t to say that at some point I will create an article about how both men and women can combat hair loss, but just not today.

As I was saying, I’m a huge fan of interior design and decoration. I’m not a designer myself, but i’ve found it incredibly interesting ever since I was a young adult, and I just haven’t been able to get over it since. It’s got to the stage whenever I have a bit of spare cash, I end up spending it on something for the house, rather than saving it, which is probably the safest and wisest thing to do especially in our current financial climate.

In this post, I’ve decided to comment on, in my opinion, one of the best aspects of interior design, which is lighting. A lot of people consider this boring part of re-designing the inside of your home, but I strongly argue in the opposite direction. A great light fitting can completely transform any room in your house. All you have to do is make sure you research thoroughly before purchasing, as it can be painful and time consuming having to return an expensive light fitting, especially if it takes you a while for you to decide you actually don’t think it fits into the room in your house.

Personally, I think there is no better light fitting available than the chandelier. It is the definition of beauty and all things grand. Getting one of these is surely going to make any room look a million times better, and the funny thing is you can get one relatively cheaply nowadays. You don’t have to splash out. Because of this, chandeliers are my number one tip when it comes to designing or re-furbishing your home.


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Welcome to PFW. I’ve created this blog to enlighten you with ways of preventing and counteracting hair loss. Despite the website’s title, the methods I’ll be posting on will be applicable to both sexes. If it’s of any interest to anyone, I may also make the occasional post about my hobby – interior design. Just thought i’d warn you, that it’s something you have to deal with :)

See you again in a short while.